How Does My Body Work? by Sara LaFleur (ages 8-12)
How Does My Body Work? by Sara LaFleur (ages 8-12)

How Does My Body Work? by Sara LaFleur (ages 8-12)

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How does your body work? This fun human anatomy book helps kids 8-12 answer that question through awesome, hands-on STEAM/STEM experiments and activities.

Entertaining and interactive, The Human Body Book for Kids shows curious kids how their body systems help them move, breathe, fight infections, and keep them alive!

Filled with fascinating information about human anatomy, this exciting science book features:

• More than 40 STEAM experiments and activities that help kids learn about their amazing bodies.
• Full-color illustrations and photographs that highlight the cells, tissues, organs and body systems as well as explain the steps and outcomes of the experiments.
• A doctor author, an MD who works with both children and adults and is an expert on the human body inside and out.
• Weird and wonderful facts about the human body: Did you know that you’re about 1 cm taller in the morning than the evening? That a baby is born with 300 bones but has only 206 by the time they’re an adult? That some children are born with an extra set of ribs surrounding the lungs called “gorilla ribs”?
• Learning and fun together: Kids will create models, eat experiments, and show off their STEAM skills to family and friends.

Endorsed by the co-founder of Apple’s Siri, this educational book is a great resource for answering kids’ questions about how their bodies work.

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