I started this business in 2002.  We had one child at the time, a daughter, and she had been in cloth diapers since she was two weeks old.  I had started with a service, but realized quickly that washing cloth diapers was easier than I expected (a simple load of laundry!), and significantly cheaper than using the service. 

There was a store in the Glebe that offered a limted selection of cloth diapers, among the usual baby gear (strollers, and the like).  When that store closed, I took a chance that other parents would be more inclined to use cloth diapers if they were more accessible, so I started my business at home, and online.  Since then, I have educated thousands of parents about the benefits of using cloth diapers through regular workshops, and a cloth diaper loan program that has been duplicated by countless businesses throughout North America.

It has been almost 19 now (and three babies later!), and we have expanded our selection beyond baby products to include toys and games for older children, with the aim of encouraging play, creativity, and development.  Our store is staffed by moms who have used cloth diapers and slings with their babies since birth (no converts here, we're all hardcore enthusiasts!).  To put it simply, we know our stuff. 

We have everything you need to be successful in your cloth diapering endeavours, from a large selection and deep stock levels, to any diapering accessory you can think of that will make your life easier. In addition to our selection of cloth diapers, we stock baby carriers, breastfeeding essentials, natural skincare products, and toys and games suitable beyond infancy.  We are your one-stop attachment parenting shop!

It's not uncommon to come to our store and see employees with little ones snuggled in a sling, we have created an environment where moms and babies can work together, a concept I am very proud of.  We are truly a store that caters to moms and babies, we will do our best to help you purchase products that will fit your needs.

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