Atlantick Outdoor Spray (240 ml.) Atlantick Outdoor Spray (240 ml.)
Atlantick Outdoor Spray (240 ml.) Atlantick Outdoor Spray (240 ml.)

Atlantick Outdoor Spray (240 ml.)

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  • Lemongrass Spray for Outdoor & Mood Balance Purifying, refreshing, and energizing, the fresh scent of Lemongrass offers a clean, Beautiful Citrusy Aroma that you can spray on you, your dog, horse, or one of our lava line products.
  • Our outdoor spray is a registered cosmetic product, meant to enhance your enjoyment of the time you spend outdoors with your Family & Friends doing Camping, Dinners, and other Outing Events.
  • It is refreshing, made with safe, skin-nourishing ingredients, Pure Unrefined Essential Oil, and smells great.
  • Face Mist Spray to Uplift the Mood.

Our outdoor spray is not a registered insect repellent and we do not support claims to that effect. Through Atlantick’s partnership with Acadia University, we’ve developed an all-natural tick repellent that is over 97.5% effective. We hope to be able to make it available to the public by 2022/23 after we complete registration with Canadian health and pesticide authorities

Each ingredient has a purpose.

Jojoba oil is a natural oil that closely resembles human sebum. Acting as a natural moisturizer, jojoba oil provides many benefits to your skin and hair.
Purpose: Jojoba oil acts as a carrier oil for the lemongrass.


The witch hazel plants possess strong antioxidant and astringent properties, perfect for killing bacteria that live within skin pores, stopping cellular damage that can lead to skin cancer, preventing signs of aging, and speeding up dermal healing. 
Purpose: Witch hazel naturally enhances the product’s scent. We use a specific ratio of witch hazel so it won’t overwhelm or take over the essential oil scent, but work to enhance it instead.


Our lemongrass oil comes from the tropical plant Cymbopogon flexuosus. Lemongrass has a strong citrus scent, is a common ingredient in personal care products, and has historically been used for a multitude of health and wellness related applications. Possible health benefits may include antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, relief of stress, anxiety and depression, and more.  
Purpose: Lemongrass oil is the primary scent or our outdoor spray formula.                                                                                                                        

Purpose: Water is used to achieve the dilution level needed to prevent skin reactions to the essential oil. Never use essential oils directly on your skin without diluting first.

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