My First Gratitude Journal (5+)
My First Gratitude Journal (5+)

My First Gratitude Journal (5+)

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Did you know that being grateful for the good things in your life makes you happier? And that it's super easy to say what you're grateful for and why?

My First Gratitude Journal is a fun and fast way to give thanks. Whether you are just learning about gratitude or have already talked about it with  your friends and family, this journal will help you develop a habit of expressing gratitude.

You'll find pages that ask you to write and draw what you're grateful for every day, plus other pages that mix it up and help you think a little deeper about gratitude. You can write, color, draw, doodle, add stickers - whatever you want to do to make your first gratitude journal your very own.

  • Simple & quick: the easy-to-use pages just take a few minutes to complete.
  • Lots of room to write & draw: Show off your creativity while you give thanks.
  • Use it when you want: After school, at bedtime, whenever -- and wherever -- you choose.



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