Find My Favorite Animals - Isobel Lundie (2+)
Find My Favorite Animals - Isobel Lundie (2+)

Find My Favorite Animals - Isobel Lundie (2+)

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Let your child’s imagination run wild in this very busy, search-and-find board book—follow fun characters, spot and count animals in different habitats around the world, and have an exciting, I-spy adventure! 

From a noisy farmyard and an action-packed African safari, to icy Arctic waters and a colorful coral reef, little ones build their vocabulary by visiting incredible habitats, searching through the busy scenes, then pointing to and naming all sorts of incredible animals and interesting objects. They join Ms. Munn and her class of excitable school children as they take a trip around the world meeting incredible animals with their clumsy tour guide, Ted. There’s sporty Sophie who can’t sit still, twins Zara and Zane who are the class pranksters, and Frankie who is frightened of… well, every animal he meets! Little ones count mischievous monkeys, fabulous fish, jazzy zebras, and more. Plus there’s spectacular scenery to admire, favorite toys to find, and Tilly the class teddy bear is hiding somewhere in each scene! 
A perfect interactive book to share with pre-reading toddlers or older children just beginning to read, every scene has “Can you spot?” questions, things to find that are certain colors or patterns, and open-ended prompts to encourage observation, exploration, and conversation. And at the end of the book, little ones can play a fun “Look back and find...” game. 
With so many favorite things to talk about, and characters to follow from page to page, children can use their imaginations to tell their own story while learning lots of animals along the way. Perhaps they will continue the story even after they have finished the book!

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